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NanoVNA V2 (S-A-A-2) is a low cost 3GHz T/R vector network analyzer developed by HCXQS in collaboration with OwOComm. The V2 hardware is a new from-scratch design and is not based on the original NanoVNA by edy555. Compared to the original NanoVNA, V2 does not use harmonics for measurements and achieves higher dynamic range Does anyone have any experience, suggestions, cautions regarding the NanoVNA V2 ?-- Daryl Young K4RG

The NanoVNA V2 is a two port T/R (transmission/reflection) VNA which can measure the S parameters S11 and S21 of a two port network, or the reflection coefficient (S11) of a one port network. Before any measurements are performed, the VNA must be calibrated. See section 3.1.Calibration for details Back in October 2019 we posted about the upcoming NanoVNA version 2.0 which back then was still being designed with a predicted release date of January 2020. Recently some photos of the NanoVNA 2.0 prototype have been uploaded to the NanoVNA groups.io forum. The NanoVNA 2.0 is expected to retail at around US$60 which is around the same price as the current NanoVNA NanoVNA-F V2 hwalker 2020/09/19 05:47 For members who have been waiting for a NanoVNA-F product that goes to 3GHz, SYSJOINT has announced the development of the NanoVNA-F_V2 3G mini vector network analyzer nanovna-users@groups.io; Topic ; × Close Search. Search Cancel. Topics. Date Date 1 - 3 of 3 previous page; next page; Nanovna V2 reset #newbie. sheninfrancis23@... #22035 . Hello, I just started plying around with the NANOVNA V2 and would like to know if there's a way to reset the nanovna to how it originally would be when I turn it on. I tried introducing an electrical delay and assumed. NanoVNA V2 has 3 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub

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NanoVNAV2 groups.io Group This is the official support forum for the NanoVNA V2. ------------------ Hardware revisions ------------------ You can check your hardware revision by selecting CONFIG > VERSION in the menu. Name Date Remarks V2.2 2019/12 The initial version of the V2 hardware First photos of the NanoVNA 2.0 prototype have been uploaded to the NanoVNA groups.io forum.We have already written about a new version of very popular NanoVNA, but in short, new model comes with the next characteristics:. Frequency range from 50kHz to 3GHz, probably usable up to 3.5GHz; Typical S11 floor is -50dB up to 2GHz and -40dB up to 3GH NanoVNA V2.0: Higher frequency and more, but lacking a case and battery. Getting Started with the NanoVNA; nanovna-users on groups.io which also has a wiki with a lot more information than what is on this page, but note that you need to join the group to access the wiki. Calibration HOWTO (same as linked above) Original NanoVNA (edy555) NanoVNA-H (hugen79) NanoVNA-F (BH5HNU) NanoVNA.com. Contribute to nanovna-v2/NanoVNA2-firmware development by creating an account on GitHub. Changes since last production release: First production release for V2 Plus4 Increased save slots to 7 Increased maximum sweep points over USB for plus4 to 65536 Add CALIBRATE > RESET ALL to co.. I bought mine without a case, I figure there will be one available elsewhere. There was a case fab file on Thingaverse for the old version, I think it will just be a matter of time before they show up for this one

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Over on the NanoVNA groups.io forums we've seen discussion about a NanoVNA hardware version 2.0 being in the works and it could be ready as soon as January 2020. The nanoVNA [v2] will eventually reach 3GHz (and at a similar price to version 1). It's going to be based on the adf4350 + si5351 Suggestions from groups.io/nanovna-f & facebook group members and much more, thank you for your feedback (1) a beep to the end of each standard measurement in calibration (2) callsign.txt expanded to 44 chars, not limited to call sign display, can display your phone and email address, etc. The startup information is not displayed for a long time at present, you can call it up in the menu. Just. If NanoVNA-QT won't connect but the device shows up in device manager, then it is a driver issue and usually reinstalling the Cypress driver (and rebooting) should fix it. If NanoVNA-QT works fine but nanovna saver isn't connecting on windows 10, see if this firmware update fixes it. I suspect nanovna saver migh The NanoVNA V2 Plus4 is my first low-end VNA. I've been considering getting one for a long time and have been waiting until I could get something with sufficient sample depth and dynamic range. As a first introduction to such a moderately priced piece of test equipment, I am very happy. In both antenna analysis roles as well as testing of filters and transmission lines, I have found the V2. From the NanoVNA's console interface: ch> scanraw usage: scanraw {channel(0|1)} {start(Hz)} {stEp(Hz)} {step-count} [average] The 'scanraw' command is similar to the 'scan' command, which allows you to perform measurements for an unlimited number of points. However, 'scanraw' also specifies CH0 or CH1 along with a user-specified number of points to average - up to 1000x. NOTE: As with the.



PC GUI software for NanoVNA V2. Contribute to nanovna-v2/NanoVNA-QT development by creating an account on GitHub New NanoVNA or Nano VNA 2.0 or NanoVNA V2 will offer next specifications (NanoVNA groups.io forums): The nanoVNA will eventually reach 3GHz (and at a similar price to version 1). It's going to be based on the adf4350 + si5351. The 3 mixers are replaced with one higher-spec mixer that is switched between the 3 channels. A variable gain amplifier is added at baseband using one opamp and. 3D printed case for the NanoVNA V2 with a drawer to store the calibration kit. The drawer is kept close by a latching mechanism that uses a pen spring. Projects Recently Updated Most Likes Newest Project Lists. Discover Contests Courses Stack. More Courses Tutorials Events Hackerspaces Profiles Hackaday.com Tindie Marketplace. Sign up Log in. Close 0%. 0%. NanoVNA V2 Case. 3D Printed Case for. Maar lees vooral de discussies op groups.io! Meer informatie over de nanoVNA v2: (update 22 nov 2020): nanoRFE Foundation; nanoVNA F v2 4.3 inch LCD; nanoVNA v2 Hardware versions; nanoVNA V2 clone - return loss of port 2 seems much too high; De meest actuele en complete informatie vindt je natuurlijk op groups.io, en dan met name in deze groepen: Discord; nanoVNA V2 user group / Official. NanoVNA frequency range The NanoVNA measures the reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient for 101 points in the frequency band to be measured. The fundamental frequency range of the NanoVNA is 50kHz (10KHz on newer F/W) to 300MHz. For higher frequencies, harmonic mode is used. The fundamental wave is not attenuated even in harmonic.

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NanoVNA V2 Plus4 4 zoll 4GHz Vector Network Analyzer,Kaufen Sie von Verkäufern aus China und aus der ganzen Welt Profitieren Sie von kostenloser Lieferung, limitiere Genießen Sie Kostenloser Versand weltweit! begrenzte Zeit Verkauf einfache Rückkeh Check out our selection & order now. Free UK delivery on eligible orders Firmware for NanoVNA V2. Contribute to nanovna-v2/NanoVNA2-firmware development by creating an account on GitHub NanoVNA V2 with push buttons (S-A-A-2) by OwOComm V2 Plus4 V2.4 4'' display metal box frequency range extended to 4 GHz (Fig. 7). Figure 7 NanoVNA V2 SAA-2N with N connectors 4'' display metal box 50 kHz - 3 GHz (Fig. 8). Figure 8 . 4 OVERVIEW Depending on where you purchased it, the NanoVNA comes with calibration set (3 pcs - open, short, load), two SMA male to male cables, USB C to USB-2.

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NanoVNA-H V3.3 5.1K Type-C CC resistors Hugen mid-October 2019 full case NanoVNA-H V2 V2 will use two synthesizers that overlap for up to ~ 3 GHz measurement range messages by NanoVNA V2 layout designer Gabriel Tenma White Diagram from a preview @ RTL-SDR.COM: Note the number of switches, making component selection and board layout more critical NanoVNA Saver written in Python, running on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc macOS installation; OpenSuse Linux installation. Releases on GitHub with helpful README Notes by Ohan Smit calibration NanoVNA-Saver_Calibration-Settings example JH4VAJ wrote a user guide (Google translates from Japanese) Windows guide and more from HexAndFlex TAPR VNA groups.io folder source on GitHub markdown instruction. This firmware is only applicable to NanoVNA-F machines manufactured by BH5HNU. Any third-party NanoVNA-F hardware has not been tested, and any problems with third-party hardware using this firmware will not be explained by BH5HNU. Thank you for your cooperation. Download NanoVNA-F_APP_v0.2.1_for_HW2.2.zi

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  1. The NanoVNA is controlled by a little jog switch and a not-very-responsive touch screen, so there is a bit of a learning curve in getting to know its interface. Little tricks such as finding the.
  2. VNA Saver - PC Software There is now a variety of PC based software that is available to use with your nanoVNA. In this post, I will be demonstrating NanoVNASaver(version 0.0.9). This is developed by Rune Broberg and is fully open source. Rune originally developed the software as a way to save Touchstone files fro
  3. As mentioned above use the NanoVNA io group, there is a different group for the F version differences. There are many knockoffs with poor construction so be careful who you buy from. It is more suited for the bench. It can be used outdoors on antennas but is fiddly to use for that and not as robust physically as a purpose built antenna analyzer. The F version uses a different firmware fork and.
  4. um case, higher dynamic range, and 4 times the sweep speed of the original V2. Features: up to 90dB dynamic range (1GHz), up to 80dB dynamic range (3GHz) 4″ display; 4x faster sweep speed (400 points/s

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  1. Hello everyone, we have released NanoVNA-F Hardware V3.1(Push-button version) & V2.3(Thumb wheel version). Click to view the unboxing video. Download the latest firmware v0.1.4 that supports 0dBm output. Firmware v0.1.4 release note : 0dBm output only supports HW V3.1 & HW V2.3. No new features were added compared to v0.1.1
  2. Start using NanoVNA; How to read NanoVNA screen; Calibration NanoVNA; Start measurement; Upgrade NanoVNA use DFU; NanoVNA-Web-Client / WebApp; NanoVNASaver; NanoVNA Menu Structure Map; Wiki & User group; Buy a NanoVNA
  3. main@rfhill-l.groups.io; Topic ; × Close Search. Search Cancel. Topics. Date Date 1 - 7 of 7 previous page; next page; nanoVNA question John Stewart WA3JRS #2628 . To nanoVNA users, I just received my nanoVNA and started to go through it. The user interface and control wheel on the unit are kind of a pain to work (though not impossible if I had more patience) so I downloaded and installed the.
  4. The S-A-A-2/NanoVNA_V2 uses a similar user interface to the NanoVNA, but with a different technical architecture. The 50K-1500MHz frequency range of the si5351 direct output provides better than 70dB dynamic, The extended 150M-3000MHz band provides better than 60dB of dynamics, and S11 noise floor (calibrated): -50dB (up to 1.5GHz), -40dB (up to 3GHz
  5. Any third-party NanoVNA-F hardware has not been tested, and any problems with third-party hardware using this firmware will not be explained by BH5HNU. Thank you for your cooperation. Download NanoVNA-F_APP_v0.2.0_beta_for_HW2.2.zip Download NanoVNA-F_APP_v0.2.0_beta_for_HW2.3_HW3.1.zip. How to get the NanoVNA-F hardware version
  6. Wiki & User group; Buy a NanoVNA; This book is published using WordBook. NanoVNASaver. NanoVNASaver. NanoVNASaver is developed by Rune B. Broberg. It is a multiplatform tool to save Touchstone files from the NanoVNA, sweep frequency spans in segments to gain more than 101 data points, and generally display and analyze the resulting data. Introduction. This software connects to a NanoVNA and.
  7. I've also joined nanovna-users on groups.io - so thanks for that link, not that I have any spare time to read another mailing list. Logged KE5FX. Super Contributor; Posts: 1372 ; Country: Re: 4 inch display SAA-2N NanoVNA V2 3GHz with N-type « Reply #6 on: August 01, 2020, 10:06:31 pm » Wow. 3 GHz VNAs now cost $70. Dogs are sleeping with cats, Donald Trump is the President of the United.

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Contribute to nanovna/NanoVNA-V2-firmware development by creating an account on GitHub. Changes since last production release: Enhanced response calibration Adjustable averaging Adjustable adf4350 output power Continuous CW mode Interpolate calibration when changing frequency range A.. FYI for those interested in the NanoVNA. A PCB is available on Amazon that contains 18 different circuits and the required adapter cables. The circuits include filters, components, loads, attenuators, etc. I see this mainly as a hands-on education kit for understanding Smith Charts, the associated Smith Chart is on the PCB graphic near the circuit. It is not intended to be used in an. I ordered NaNoVNA V2 on April 2 and it has arrived until May 15, but it is okay due to the worldwide Covid problem. The shipment arrived safely, but I have only one remark or suggestion concerning the packaging. The paper box with NanoVNA was not sealed with tape or any other way, so anybody during the transport could easily open the box and take the content of it away

Download v2.0, for Firmware 0.1.1 & later Download v3.0, for Firmware 0.2.0 & later Download v3.1, for Firmware 0.2.1 & later Download for Firmware 1.0.0 . NanoVNASharp v1.03 PC Software by Hugen Download for Windows. nanovna-saver PC Software by Rune B. Broberg Version 0.1.0 Download for Windows Version 0.2.1 Download for Windows Version 0.3.4 Download for Windows Download for MacOS. NanoVNA. From reading the groups, I didn't see a lot of people actually experimenting with RF. So spending resources adding support for mixers, transfer relays, automated crystal characterizing may not make a lot of sense if only a few people are asking for it. That's really IMO what people should be doing as they have a much larger support group Author Topic: 4 inch display SAA-2N NanoVNA V2 3GHz with N-type (Read 10905 times On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 5:54 PM John Stewart WA3JRS via groups.io <rs18041=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote: To nanoVNA users, I just received my nanoVNA and started to go through it Building the NanoVNA - Source in Ubuntu 19.04 Published Sep 11, 2019. Hi. This will be a guide to building the NanoVNA source code from a fresh Ubuntu machine. First off, we need git. In a terminal window run the following: sudo apt-get install git. Following the guide available on GitHub we generate and add an ssh key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C your_email@domain.com eval $(ssh-agent -s.

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From: parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io <parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io> On Behalf Of John Sent: 30-Aug-19 5:43 PM To: parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io Subject: [parc-homebrew] NanoVna I ordered a NanoVNA and so far it seems to work will dig into the manual to figure it out $60 usd shipped but i got screwed by DHL for another $26 cad the guy has modified the original version to be better performing John. parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io; Topic × Close Search. Search Only Within This Topic Search Cancel. Topics Search. Date Date 1 - 6 of 6 previous page; next page; Nanovna Klaas Westerhof #9082 . Using the above as an antenna analyser, at least trying to! Thought I would check my J-pole (VHF/UHF). In reading the dips, I find that the antenna is resonant on 144.042, 441.025, and 837.003 (all MHz. I do know that he asked you on the NanoVNA groups.io forum if it was OK to sell a SAA-2 product based on your open source design and you told him to go for it. In the same message he asked who should he contact regarding royalty payments and you did not ask for any. I also know you accused a well respected US seller of shady business practices over an honest mistake, instead of first. Didn't notice this post until now. I was the layout and RF engineer on the nanovna V2 team. I can answer technical questions. EDIT: - Only the Tindie store and RTL-SDR blog store support the original developers and fund the development of V2/V3 and maintenance of the firmware and software. All Aliexpress and eBay sellers are selling clones which have fancier packaging but lack QC on the RF. The much awaited NanoVNA V2 is now readily available for around $60 + shipping from the Tindie store. Shipping is noted to begin on June 30th due to a public holiday and you must agree to possible pandemic delays, although feedback from earlier customers indicates that most countries appear to be receiving the packages in good time. You can also add a calibration kit for $10 extra, or a.

NanoVNA-H4 at Gigaparts was in this morning's email and after Barry2 K3EUI's presentation just two days ago I thought I'd share this with the group. It's $12 less than I paid for the same thing with a coupon on Amazon and mine was delivered exactly a week ago today. Regards to the group. 73 / Steve. More. All Messages By This Member; × Close Verify Delete. Are you sure you wish to delete. NanoVNA-F can measure S parameters, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(SWR), Phase, Group Delay, Smith chart and more NanoVNA-F hardware features include and are not limited to the following improvements: Use 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD & resistive touch screen, with a larger view angle and can be seen clearly outdoor 5 | www.deepelec.com | NanoVNA-F Handheld Vector Network Analyzer Incomplete Manual v1.0 Menu Structure Each NanoVNA-F machine comes with this paper quick start guide (menu structure chart), which is convenient for users to learn and use the machine as soon as they get it. The guide was inspired by AE5CZ, and we would like to thank it The nanoVNA follow up from last night: Alan Wolke W2AEW's nanoVNA presentation to the Denby Dale Amateur radio Society in Britain begins at 32:00 in this youtube video. The first part is his explanation of 3 rd order IMD, also good

Below is the Video Link and related information for Wednesday, Nov 18 Zoom presentation: NanoVNA presentation Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of main@SEC-ARES.groups.io? This cannot be undone. Cancel Yes × Close Verify Repost. Are you sure you wish to repost this message? Cancel Yes. More Home Messages Hashtags Subgroups About Features Pricing. 4 NanoVNA V2 Plus4. HCXQS group. $139.00. About. RF tools and modules. Shipping Policies . We have added the option of TNT and UPS express shipping for most countries. However, due to COVID-19 delivery times may be slower than usual. The courier may collect tax, customs duty, and additional customs clearance fees at time of delivery. Please check the VAT and duty rates as well as TNT and UPS. parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io; Topic ; × Close Search. Search Only Within This Topic Search Cancel. Topics Search. Date Date 1 - 6 of 6 previous page; next page; Nanovna Klaas Westerhof #9082 . Using the above as an antenna analyser, at least trying to! Thought I would check my J-pole (VHF/UHF). In reading the dips, I find that the antenna is resonant on 144.042, 441.025, and 837.003 (all MHz.

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  1. NanoVNA oscillation frequency NanoVNA measures the reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient for 101 points in the frequency band to be measured. The local frequency of NanoVNA is 50kHz to 300MHz. For higher frequencies, use harmonic mode. The fundamental wave is not attenuated even in harmonic mode. The usage modes for eac
  2. Save on Nanovna V2. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order
  3. With the standard nanoVNA-V2 firmware (and DiSlord) it is not possible to make crystal measurements. With the nanoVNA-V2 objisan firmware it works. A good paper about crystal measurement can be found at Agilent, 5965-4972E with the title Crystal Resonator Measuring Functions

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Post Production Note: I received an email from one of the developers of the V2″ platform, and he informed me that while they intentionally open-sourced the design in order to give users more choice, there have been at least one clone maker that has manipulated the market in various ways (false rankings, and selling at cost) which does a discredit to the original developers. This is the. NanoVNA-V2@groups.io | Home Thinking about getting a Nano..... jcop225 Radio Zoomer. Joined Nov 27, 2007 Messages 134 Location Boston, MA. Oct 14, 2020 #3 I have a set of SMA to N, UHF, BNC, etc. cables to eliminate the need for adapters. I use RG-223 since it is flexible and double shielded. Reactions: krokus. digitalanalog Active Member. Joined May 18, 2007 Messages 562 Location United. When I ordered this kit, I got the original NanoVNA. But later I received NanoVNA v2 that I did most testing with this board. The measurement results on this page are made with NanoVNA v2. There is a Smith chart diagram on the backside of the circuit board: This tester board came well packed with all the necessary leads to connect it to the board. This is excellent for educational purposes. It. Consult participants on nanovna-users@groups.io list for information on firmware and firmware update procedures. Reply. nuclearrambo says: August 16, 2019 at 10:46 am. Thanks Dave for your insight into the device operation. I will try to get myself into the group and check out the discussions there. Reply . matt says: August 16, 2019 at 11:04 am. Its funny because the fieldfox is normally. I want to purchase a NanoVNA with the larger screen. Has anyone purchased one of these via eBay? Thanks Joe N7QPP. More. All Messages By This Member; previous page; View All 3 Messages In Topic; next page; previous page #29635; next page; Join main@NFARL.groups.io to automatically receive all group messages. × Close Report Message. Reason. Report to Moderators I think this message isn't.

Use e.g. C:\addons\nanovna-firmware-.2.2\build\edy555_0.2.2.dfu to flash NanoVNA by DfuSe Demo 3.0.6.exe. Clearing nanoVNA flash memory click here for cleaning settings to default states in recent firmware (thanks to QRP) - connect to your NanoVNA with e.g. PuTTY - enter help to list all supported commands - entering clearconfig resets all configuration settings to defaults - power nanoVNA. KP4SX This is the return loss trace. Why so many ups and downs? How do I know which is actually mine? Similar on the SWR trace. Span - Too much ! , but if you look closer at the picture and the area just below the center of the spans trace , that is showing a dip covering most of 6m , and that it appears to be close to the center of the 6m band The current low cost NanoVNA's available on the market now are mostly the hugen version known as the NanoVNA-H. Hugen is a ham who innovated on eddy555's original open source design, adding features like battery management, improved PCB layout, PC software and extending the frequency range from 300 MHz to 900 MHz. Then a group HCXQS put together and redesigned the low cost VNA and called it V2 NanoVNA-H4 4″ display The 4″ display is the most requested feature by users of the smaller 2.8″ NanoVNA-H. The 4″ NanoVNA-H4 came in a similiar, but larger, storage box than the NanoVNA-H v3.4, with molded compartments and accessories. The storage box was packed in a shipping container with sufficient padding to survive the slow boat from China parcel post route

NANOVNA Jim W4QO #1 . I have one of these and it is impressive, but I know very little about how to actually use it. So I'm hoping this will be a place to find our what you know about it and it's featuers. jim/w4qo. More. All Messages By This Member. Some notes on the NanoVNA - The tiny, inexpensive Vector Network Analyzer. A few months ago, I purchased the amazing NanoVNA on ebay for about 50 bucks. What an impressive work of engineering for such a ridiculously low price! Ok, admittedly the really cool stuff comes from the people that are working on open source software. That hardware. Doug I did look at it on Amazon it is as low as 115.00 or so. I did find some software to use on a PC to talk to the VNA and get data from the same. The s10 and s2p file formats are text files and can be imported into Excel and graphed there. Just need to apply some math functions using the raw S11 and S12 data and Refl Coeff, Ret Loss and SWR can be calculated Glad to hear you are enjoying the NanoVNA. I just received on, too, and it is a newt tool/toy. And, having a vector analyzer with TWO ports does open up a new world of measurement possibilities for a lot of folks. For added fun, retrieve your S11 measurement data (using PC program of choice) and import it into the DG8SAQ software to have a look at the time domain response (serves as a sort-of. Impedance (Z) Group Delay Smith Chart Quality Factor R+jX Serial C Serial The Calibration Status is always shown on the left side of the display screen. 0: indicates that I'm using the 0 saved calibration table. D: Directivity. R: Reflection Tracking, S: Source Match. T: Transmission Tracking. X: for Isolation. In this case, I perform the Isolation calibration. You can store 5 calibration.

nanoVNA test fixture #vna. Bill Buoy N5BIA #490 . I have been working on test fixture boards for use with the nanoVNA, primarily for crystal measurement. The production-ready PC board files are available on OSH Park. A brief write-up and the documentation are available on my Projects website. PDF. hc49s_test_fixture.pdf. More. All Messages By This Member; × Close Verify Delete. Are you sure. NanoVNA V2 Case. Back to overview. 3D Printed Case for the NanoVNA V2 with latching compartment. Manuel Tosone. Back to overview; Files 6; Components 0; logs 0; Instructions 0; Discussion 6; Case.stl. Standard Tesselated Geometry - 485.53 kB - 12/26/2020 at 08:47 Download: Drawer.stl. Standard Tesselated Geometry - 128.40 kB - 12/26/2020 at 08:46 Download: Buttons.stl. Standard Tesselated. The NanoVNA has generated a fair amount of interest over the past couple of months and after a few days playing with it I can see why. Number 1, it's cheap. I only paid about £50 for my model. Secondly, it actually works fairly well and has a reasonable frequency range. I have tried some other low cost VNAs in the past and been very disappointed parc-homebrew@parc.groups.io; Topic ; × Close Search. Search Only Within This Topic Search Cancel. Topics Search. Date Date 1 - 2 of 2 previous page; next page; nanoVNA Dave VE3OOI #8996 . If you are thinking about getting a nanoVNA, this is a MUST watch video. Its long but comprehensive. You get a really good sense of what the nanoVNA can do and some of its issues. He even shows you the. For additional support there is forum available at Groups.IO. Below YouTube user IMSAI Guy reviews the NanoVNA. Check out IMSAI Guy's other videos too as he has several where he tests the NanoVNA on difference filters and antennas, and checks the accuracy. #350 NanoVNA Vector Network analyzer 900MHz VNA for $50. Below is YouTube user joe smith's review. He also has two other NanoVNA videos on.

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  1. Google Groups. New NanoVNA model covers 10KHz to 1.5GHz. K7MDL: Feb 7, 2020 1:16 PM : Posted in group: PNWVHFS: In case you have not seen it yet, NanoVNA-H and NanoVNA-H4 (a 4 screen version) are now available with extended coverage to 1.5GHz using the 5 th harmonic of the PLL max frequency with reduced but still usable range. The new 3.4 version board has changes that include better RF.
  2. The new documentation and software for both the original NanoVNA and the V2 Plus have been uploaded. There were no changes from what was shown during the video. There are other changes that were not mentioned. The main one you may have guessed from the video's thumbnail is when making full 2-port measurements, the menu was changed to make it more generic. Having SWR was more a test case and.
  3. nanovna diy electric guitar kit laoa tool optic vector speaker portapack h2 digital antenna analyzer vna talki walki camera kkmoon ham radio tuner analyzer spectrum nanovna v2. Hot Search . seamless shorts white warm stretch leggings oral replacement b io mask key nissan versa replacement lcd j410f warm sports pants 152 xiangchi hiking shoes xiano redmi 9at cases ten adhesive electric. This.
  4. First PCB pictures of the V2 NanoVNA (3 GHz) General. Close. 13. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. First PCB pictures of the V2 NanoVNA (3 GHz) groups.io/g/nano... General. 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 88% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. W8TAM [E] [POTA] 1 year ago . Just in time for us to lose the 3GHz.
  5. The nanoVNA-F is more expensive than the NanoVNA-H4 but some like the extra features (metal case, pushbuttons instead of jog switch and bigger battery) If you need a higher maximum frequency (above 3 GHz.) then the SAA-2 (NanoVNA V2″)is the only low cost option. There is limited availability of this product and slow firmware support with.
  6. Ken, I suggest you join the Nanovna Google.io forum. There are current discussions on the best places to get the products and a wealth of information on usage and external PC software add-ons to the Nanovna

Hackers who liked NanoVNA V2 Case. Mike Szczys Madison, WI. Editor in Chief of Hackaday, Orchestra Musician, uC Enthusiast. 2269 followers; 29 projects; Dusan Petrovic Belgrade, Serbia. Hackaday.io. NanoVNA V2 (SAA 2) measurements (2)¶ and in NanoVNA Saver: The filter was measured directly with the NanoVNA - 50 Ohm termination. An s2p file can be generated from NanoVNA Saver (the s2p file generated in VNAView can't be imported in Qucs). In Qucs an S parameter simulation is performed, with 200 Ohm in/out impedances: With the correct termination impedance (200 Ohm), the ripple is. nanoVNA-V2 ojisan. When I played around with nanoVNA-V2, there were many good points, but there were also problems. It seems that the software is not well built, probably because it has just been released. Good points. It can measure properly even at 1GHz or higher. The number of measurement points can be changed up to 201

NanoVNA is tiny but sweeps from 50 kHz to 900 MHz and has a touch screen. The device uses a rechargeable battery if you need to haul it up to an antenna tower, for example. Just as a quick test. NanoVNA V2/ SAA2 3G Version VNA HF VHF UHF UV Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer with EVA Storage Bag. US $59.88. 4.9 (163) 352 Orders. New NanoVNA-F V2 3GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4.3 inch Touch Screen NanoVNA V2 Antenna Analyzer. US $120.00. 4.9 (63) 156 Orders. New 2.8 inch LCD Display NanoVNA VNA HF VHF UHF UV Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer + Battery. US $35.20. 4.8 (324. I had mentioned in the last video I made about the limited resolution (distance) when making TDR measurements. I talked a bit about how you may be able improve it but with it being a $50 unit, I don't see much of a point The NanoVNA V2+ is a low cost vector network analyzer which can be used to measure and tune antennas, filters and cables. The model on our store is the ORIGINAL product manufactured and designed by HCQXS + OwOcomm, not a clone. So purchases from our store support the developer. It is also the newer 2.8 V2 PLUS version, which has a two times faster sweep speed compared to the older model. The.

{{ formatNumber(numberInput.input) }} {{ formatNumber(numberInput.prev) }} {{ numberInput.unit }} 7: 8: 9 {{ numberInput.units[0] }} 4: 5: 6 {{ numberInput.units[1. NanoVNA is now the most active vector network analyzer and antenna analyzer project in the community. Usually buying a finished NanoVNA-H is the most convenient way to get NanoVNA. Edy555 is updating his software, harmonic extensions have been added, usually a well-made NanoVNA can be acquired better than 40dB dynamics at 900MHz

nanovna - amateurradi

301 Moved Permanently. ngin John, It's not you. Although you should have both a short and an open in the cal kit, the calibration is problematic, I suspect the author of the software is the problem not the unit Upgrade NanoVNA use DFU. 1.DFU is a SW is for programming the STM32 via the USB (UM0412) The package contains all binaries and source code for DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade (DFU) software, including the demonstration, debugging GUIs and protocol layers Group Settings. All members can post to the group. Posts to this group do not require approval from the moderators. Posts from new users require approval from the moderators. Messages are set to reply to group. Subscriptions to this group do not require approval from the moderators. Archive is visible to anyone. Wiki is visible to anyone The NanoVNA-F is the enhanced version of the open-source Antenna and Vector Network (VNA) analyzer that covers the HF, VHF and UHF bands from 50 KHz to 1500 MHz with metal case and large screen (11cm) of 800x480 in resolution.This new official version of the NanoVNA F (Hardware V3.1 with button) is equipped with a 4.3 (11cm) IPS TFT touch screen with a resolution of 800x480, with a 5000 mAh.

Here's a re-posting from a Groups.IO NanoVNA posting: Hugen did a significant redesign of the edy555 vna, and clearly knows how to build them. I see three different marketplaces from which to buy one of Hugen's build The only problem I had was at first it wouldn't go past the opening screen. I searched on the Groups.io page and found that some units had the problem with the display being pinched. Once I loosened the screws it fired up and is working just fine. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New. 5 out of 5 stars. by spamcan Nov 18, 2020. I'd buy another! Sure, it takes a while to feel like one knows. NanoVNA-F V2 NanoVna SAA-2N Measurement frequency 10KHz-1.5GHz 10KHz-1.5GHz 10kHz-3000MHz For NanoVNA RF Test Board 50KHz -3GHz 50KHz -3GHz Touch screen 2.8-inch 4.0-inch 3.2-inch × 4.3-inch 4-inch Power Supply 650mAh 1950mAh 2000mAh × 5000mAh 3000mAh Case Shell No × Interface SMA connector SMA connector SMA connector SMA connector N-Type Compare with similar items. This item Nanovna 10KHz. 6. suggestions from groups.io/nanovna-f & facebook group members and much more, thank you for your feedback (1) a beep to the end of each standard measurement in calibration (2) callsign.txt expanded to more chars, not limited to call sign display, can display your phone and email address, etc New NanoVNA V2 50KHz~3GHz Antenna Analyzer Vector Network Analyzer HF VHF UHF. $56.00. $70.00. Free shipping . NanoVNA VNA HF VHF UHF UV Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer+LCD+Battery. $38.40. $48.00. Free shipping. Popular . NanoVNA-F 50KHz-1000MHz HF VHF UHF VNA Vector Network Analyzer 4.3 LCD Display. $89.00. Free shipping . Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Description.

Release 20201013 · nanovna-v2/NanoVNA2-firmware · GitHu

  1. Re: nanoVNA V2 In Stock on Tindie - nfarl
  2. A NanoVNA 2.0 is in the Works: Same Price, Frequency Range ..
  3. NanoVNA-F Handheld Vector network analyzer - Hangzhou
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  5. 4 NanoVNA V2 Plus4 from HCXQS group on Tindi
  6. nanoVNA shell command usage - GitHub Page
  7. Release 20200507 · nanovna-v2/NanoVNA-QT · GitHu
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